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The suites sound ravishing on the harp; the lingering resonance of the vibrating strings fills in the harmonies that are implied in the linear cello part, and adds an appealing richness. Drake has a broad expressive range and can play with gossamer delicacy or rhythmic vigor, according to the character of each movement. She has terrific technique and handles even the most rigorous demands with grace and assurance. Her playing is supple and flexible, with just enough fluidity, avoiding both rigidity and Romantic excess. The sound has a nice balance of brightness and warmth, with a good sense of presence.
— Stephen Eddins,

2 CD set audio recording

From the Bach Notebook

the complete cello suites BWV 1007-1012 transcribed

The suites are a revelation on the concert harp...a fascinating interpretation of one of music’s great masterpieces. Excellent sonics, with or without a HDCD decoder.
— John Sunier,  Audiophile Audition

Bach Suites Sheet Music

All 6 of the Bach Cello Suites transcriptions for harp are available in 2 volumes from Gotham Harp Publishing. Click on image for purchase information.